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Join hundreds of Ukrainian students receiving free educational support!

Find a tutor, and make it easier for yourself to absorb knowledge, or offer help and share your skills with new Ukrainian friends.

Who are we?

Ivy Ukraine is a platform associating mentors and education tutors from around the world, who are willing to share their knowledge, advice, and interests, with Ukrainian pupils who seek support in entering new areas of growth. The concept started in March 2022 in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine and the consequent necessity to offer humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees.

We offer free consultation and tutoring in every school subject on a variety of levels ranging from primary school to high school exams. Our volunteers are high school graduates, university students, and teachers, and others from all corners of the world ready to help in solidarity with Ukraine.

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How much do the classes cost?

Participation in Ivy Ukraine is free of charge, and is based on volunteering and charitable work.

Who can volunteer?

Anybody can be a tutor, as long as they are willing and ready to take on the challenge of sharing their knowledge with Ukrainian youth. Your age, place of residence, or the amount of help you can give, are all secondary - everybody is welcome.

Who can take classes with us?

Ivy Ukraine offers support for persons of Ukrainian origin, who seek educational support as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with no regard for their age.

How can I support Ivy Ukraine if I can't give classes?

Tell your friends about our project and share our efforts on social media. The more people hear about Ivy Ukraine, the greater the chances we can reach people who need our help, and those who are willing to contribute to our work.

How are tutors and students matched?

An algorithm which we developed ourselves finds the right tutor following a student's request. We take into consideration the required level of tutoring, languages spoken by both sides and the number of students already assigned to a tutor. The algorithm simplifies the process by only matching a single tutor for each school subject the student wants help with.

Our Team

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Tomasz Czernuszenko
Olivia Drost
Piotr Grynfelder
Marta Stępniewska
Julia Lasiota
Adam Borowski
Wiktor Gała
Bartosz Chejchman
Bernard Postrach
Anastasia Liaver


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